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          Body Bio-Energetics

How The Body Operates Bio-Energetically

This information is sourced from Premier Research.

The body’s internal operating system is like a sophisticated, interactive biological computer. The body contains a highly organized network of interconnected bio-energy pathways called meridians (which correspond to various organs and glands), first outlined in ancient acupuncture texts, and now verified by medical science.

When an area of the body becomes weakened, it “polarizes off” and becomes much more difficult for the body to send healing energy or deliver nutrients to that area. This is because it is hard for the brain’s internal monitoring system to “see” or recognize the weakened area due to its de-polarization. It’s as if the area has been turned off.

In addition, other areas of the body can also become deficient at the same time. Together, these areas can all work to negatively reinforce each other. The effect can be multiple areas of stagnation in the body that are energetically “off,” which decreases the ability of the body to return to health. Deficient areas that are often overlooked are scars or areas that have been previously traumatized (such as a fall or whiplash), even from years ago.

Unfortunately, once an area has been deficient (or “off”) for a long period of time, it becomes much harder for the body to heal it. Even if nutritional supplements are taken, the uptake of nutrients is poorer in the very area where it is needed most (the deficient area) since the internal monitoring system fails to “see” it.

BRT Therapy Vial or the Golden Cylinder To The Rescue
To exit this downward cycle of failing energy bio-fields, use of the BRT Therapy Vial or the Naturopathic Healing Arts Center Golden Cylinder can be used to quickly “turn on” and stabilize the body’s bio-energetic fields. When used several times per day, especially before meals, the body can begin to rapidly increase its nutrient uptake into those areas most needing it so the body can return to a state of health. In some cases, the body is able to return to a state of radiant health never experienced before, even when younger.  The Naturopathic Healing Arts Center Golden Cylinder and the BRT Therapy Vial both enhance and stabilize the body's bio-energetic fields.

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