Events at the Naturopathic Healing Arts Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

If there are non vocational natural healing study groups that you wish to join, create or lead at our center here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, please contact us. Our Meditation Classes are open to all. 


1st Monday 6:30pm Elements of Empowerment

Elements of Empowerment: A Class in Conscious Creating

With Dr. Robert L. Groves, Beginning 1st Monday in September 2011

$25 materials fee

 This is a class for those who wish to learn how they create and co-create. Most people are aware of what they don’t want, or what they have been programmed to want, but many are not aware of what they really want. The course will helps us discover clarity in our desires to focus our creative abilities. This class will cover the structure of affirmations and what makes them successful, wisdom journaling, and exploring various paradigms expressing universal principles. This will aid targeting areas of creative life for gaining insights, developing affirmations, and measuring results. Come join us for a more fulfilling and prosperous life.


 4th Monday 6:30pm Fixing Our Country: A Course on Understanding and Using Our Constitutional Rights.

With Dr. Robert L. Groves, To be announced $60 materials fee

 Learn what each of us as individuals can to set our country on the right course and keep it there. Your rights - use them, or lose them. This course will cover the history and the main 28 principles upon which our founding documents were written including the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, as well as our rights and responsibilities as jurors. Each student will be supplied with course materials including the 5,000 Year Leap, Our Rights and Responsibilities as Jurors, a pocket Constitution, and a study book with examinations.

Tuesdays at 6:30PM: Bio-energetic Exercise Class

With Elizabeth King, (will return later) 

$8 per class

This class is based upon the work of Alexander Lowen and provides emotional stress release through body centered movements and positioning.

Wednesdays at 7:15PM: Meditation Class: The Art of Stillness

With Dr. Robert L. Groves, ongoing

Donations accepted

 Meditation, as taught in this class, is stillness. Several techniques are combined and given in a structure that will provide a vehicle for calming and healing the body, emotions, and the mind. These teachings are specific to Robert L. Groves, but the techniques are drawn from everywhere including Kriya and Lamplighter traditions. Class includes a manual giving full explanations on the techniques utilized.

 Thursdays at 6:30pm Integrative Transformative Therapy -Invitation only)

This class is the work of Michael Murphy and George Leonard who founded Esalen Institute in Big Sur CA. ITP is a synthesis of the best techniques taught over 40 plus years at Esalen from yoga, Tai Chi, Aikido, meditation, visualization, affirmation, and group sharing.



All classes meet regularly unless posted otherwise.