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          Consultation with Dr. Groves

Your initial consultation involves a thorough assessment of your current issues, your health history and your own goals. From this input, you and Dr. Groves will develop a personal action plan empowering you on the journey to your optimal health. Your first visit may include, but is not limited to, nutritional guidance, detoxification recommendations, manipulation of soft tissues to relieve structural imbalance and discomfort along with other safe and effective Naturopathic healing methods.


True health is gained and maintained as a daily process. It is not merely a goal to achieve someday, rather it is an experience to have and nurture each and every day of our lives. Health involves regularly re-examining our lives on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual basis, reviewing our experiences and deciding what we need and want. In this review we determine what we wish to experience and how we might facilitate changes that bring about the desired results. Most of us have never done this on a conscious and/or regular basis. In Naturopathy, we help you to examine and discover what is occurring in all aspects of your life that may have an influence on your health. We help you discover and determine what your goals and priorities are, while empowering you through education, treatment, and self-management.


Goals are determined by using a guideline of the body’s priority system. The body has seven priorities that regulate our health and they are: the thoughts we think, the feelings we feel, the actions we take, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and their balance. We help each client determine what areas are in need of modification and explore what types of therapies would be appropriate for their optimal success through consideration of the following:

  • current state of wellness and lifestyle
  • quality and utilization of air and water
  • optimal food selection, preparation and combination
  • exercise and sleep patterns
  • detoxification and cleansing approaches
  • stress reduction techniques for mental/emotional situations and traumas
  • physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals
  • changing nutritional support needs


Dr. Groves is available for in-office, phone or email consultations. The fee structures differ depending on the type of consultation that you request. Dr.Groves prefers that you come to see him at his office, since this enables you to receive optimum care. However, he also realizes that some clients cannot readily make the journey to the Naturopathic Healing Arts Center here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and therefore, has provided other consultation choices as outlined below.

All telephone and in-office consultations are by appointment only. For more information, to schedule an appointment or request an email consultation, please contact us.


For new clients, the cost of your first in-office consultation is a flat fee of $175. The duration of your first in-office consultation may be as long as two hours. After your initial consultation, all in-office Naturopathic services provided by Dr. Groves are billed at a rate of $90 per hour - minimum fee is $25. Seniors are eligible for reduced fee rates of $140 for initial consultation and a $75 per hour rate thereafter.


For new clients, the cost of your first telephone consultation is a flat pre-paid fee of $200 regardless of first call duration and the duration of the first call will not exceed 90 minutes in length. Thereafter, as an established client, your hourly consultation rate is $100 per hour with a minimum fee of $25. Pre-payment and completed intake forms are required prior to first consult. There is no Senior discount for this type of consultation.


For new clients, the cost of your first email consultation is a flat pre-paid fee of $250. Thereafter, as an established client, your hourly consultation rate is $150 per hour with a minimum fee of $40. The consultation time will vary based on your needs and objectives. Pre-payment and completed intake forms are required prior to first consult. There is no Senior discount for this type of consultation.


Dr. Groves does not have a direct relationship with insurance companies. He provides documentation to help clients seek their own reimbursement. Some services and products not covered by your insurance may be tax deductible or eligible for some benefit plans - flex, cafeteria, etc. Please consult with your tax advisor or employer for your particular situation.

We accept payment via check, cash, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. 

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