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Thursday - Eliminative Health Guidelines (Solids and Gases)

Lightly massage over your colon area before arising if possible.  Also do it every time you go to the bathroom while imagining a smile in the area and a feeling of contentment in the tissues.

Gently squat as low as you comfortably can twice a day with your feet pointed straight in front of you and about armpits' width apart.  This helps open the energy pathways for stabilizing the pelvis and improving elimination.  Never stress or strain to squat.  If you can only squat an inch, that's okay.  The regular practice will eventually enable you to be fully squatted.  If it takes a year, that's okay too.

Let go of some belief or emotion that makes you feel muscular tension.  Replace it with what you would rather think or feel.  Each time you feel the tension (which is unwanted thoughts or feelings becoming solid), practice the new thought and/or feeling replacing the old pattern.  Usually the opposite is needed to replace the unwanted.  Replacing anger held with kind acceptance of the situation and expressing a loving supportive attitude first to your self and then to the others involved would be a good example. 


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