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          Your Own Perfect Diet

Your Own Perfect Diet

 How to Design the Diet You Need for the Times of Your Life

by Dr. Robert L. Groves, ND

Naturopathic Healing Arts Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma

In Dr. Robert L. Groves' book, Your Own Perfect Diet, you will discover how to Select, Prepare and Combine foods to optimize your health. You'll learn about the Ecstasy of Eating, How We Assimilate Our Food, How to Do the Changeover from McDeath Food to McLife Food, How and When to Fast, The Ten Basic Rules of Eating, How to Balance Your pH by What You Eat and Ten Things to Definitely Avoid.

This exclusive and unique book is ONLY available at the Naturopathic Healing Arts Center and our website.  Your Own Perfect Diet is available in either of the following formats: spiral bound book or an Adobe PDF file.

Excerpts from Your Own Perfect Diet:

Excerpt from - Why many diets don't work:
.....This book gives you personal guidelines to modify your diet to match your changing needs. No single diet or eating system works for everyone all the time anymore than one shoe size fits everyone. .....We must factor age, activity levels, blood types, the weather, stress loads, allergies, current health conditions and more. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of the books on dieting do not cover these important areas which influence your health as much or more than any other factors. These previous factors are more important than counting calories and/or fat grams, “low-carb” fads and many other approaches popular today......

Excerpt from -  What led Dr. Groves to Naturopathy:
.....As an eight month old child I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and sent home to supposedly die about age four or five when my lungs or heart would quit. However, I was not told this for the first fifteen years of my life and “failed to get with the program.” ..........I was overweight, exhausted, balding and getting gray by age twenty-two...At this point in life...I went through a death experience and God helped me turn my life around and get involved in natural healing....With much experimentation to see what actually worked and made sense, I dramatically improved my health...Many of the things I have learned to rebuild health (and that work) are contained in this book.....

Excerpt from -  Life Force Exchange:
...The process of life-force exchange (absorption, assimilation, utilization, and elimination) requires energy from the body. The more difficult any or all phases of this process become, the less net energy you will obtain per calorie, and the sooner your body will wear out. Preservatives prevent the biological breakdown of food and steal your energy for other tasks. This is due to the excess energy required in attempting to break them down. What the body can’t breakdown or eliminate, it surrounds with fat and stores mostly in places you don’t like! As a basic rule, eat as near to the beginning of the food chain as you can. This allows for easier breakdown and greater net energy gain. The chain begins with water and flows on to fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, and meats....

Excerpt from - The Ten Basic Rules of Eating:
Rule 5: Chew your food until it becomes a liquid before swallowing.

Excerpt from - Some Things to Avoid:
SOFT DRINKS: Soft drinks are a non-food chemical combination that requires inspections from the fire departments in many cities as it is a toxic and potentially explosive solution. The high phosphorus content can leech out calcium from your bones. It is also highly acid forming and your body will extract even more calcium to attempt to counter that acidity. This will make for rapid development of osteoporosis. Seeing how soft drinks are the most consumed beverage in the United States, one can readily understand the rapid rise in osteoporosis. There are many, many other diseases ranging from diabetes to cancers that are contributed to by soft drinks. If you want to feel lousy, be sick, fall apart and die broke in a slow, miserable manner, keep drinking them. Instead you could replace them with things like organic black cherry juice with soda water to satisfy the cravings and lots of organic juices or purified water.

And, lots of excellent recipes designed especially for good health.

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